Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24 - The Accession Council

Elizabeth had been queen for nearly a year and a half before her coronation day, faithfully fulfilling her role and responsibility. Just days after her father’s death and after her return flight from Kenya, she stood before the Accession Council and oaths were read and signed and with trumpet and proclamation in every city and hamlet, she was proclaimed the rightful Queen. Who knows what ceremony may have taken place in the heavenlies when our “oaths of allegiance” were spoken, as we asked for the Lord’s forgiveness and received His grace and newness of life? Of the many things we seldom contemplate, it would be a little strange to imagine that we entered into eternal life, into Jesus Christ Himself, with no mention made before our God and Father. We are learning that it is for us to make mention of great and wonderful things here on earth, and to SPEAK of the greatness of all Jesus accomplished and all that He sustains day by day. As surely as she became Queen of England and its sovereign and commonwealth nations, we have become heirs of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, that very next day following the Accession Council, plans began to be laid for her coronation, which would take place in June of 1953. We are crowned, we will be crowned. She is crowned and will be crowned, as she believes in the atonement of Jesus Christ and lives as one of the faithful, the saints in the earth. Oh, the things she could tell us of coronation, its splendor and its responsibility! Let us see and hear all that we may, and let us be sure that the diadem of the splendor of the finished work of Jesus our Lord has been placed upon our holy heads, my dear and fellow brothers and sisters here in Cor Unum Abbey.

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