Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23 - Standing Out in a Crowd

The time comes for us when we must in honesty ask, “Who is richer than we? Who has more prestige? Whose work is more demanding, more fulfilling, or more important? Impoverished, we have no lack. Dishonored for Jesus’ sake, we bear His glory. We look for His coming . . . we are privileged in the earth and in heaven we shall see His face. By our words, others may enter into eternal life.

Should we begin to see our lives and our destiny in this way, we would not be able to spare the time for envy, nor would we sink ourselves into foolishness. We would rejoice to wear diadems and robes of righteousness and glory, and neither habit nor haute couture will ever compare.

When Elizabeth II steps out in public duty, she is never difficult to find in a crowd, despite her diminutive frame. She purposefully wears brilliant colors; even her favorite pastels are saturated color, for she knows that it matters to her people that she can be seen. Here again, it is very difficult for us to imagine what it would be like to have the heart of a country woman, as she once said she would like to be (with horses!), and yet to be given to “majesty,” to be the sovereign representative of her people before their government and before God.

When we have walked awhile in Cor Unum, we will begin to recognize that we are “seen,” as well. In a crowd of people, the lost will find us, the needy will look to us, and not for a hand-out, but for their share in the riches of life in Christ.

Who shall we envy? Where in our hearts could selfish ambition reside? Together we contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints, that we may WALK WITH GOD, and yet bear the humility of Christ in the earth. We stand out in a crowd, beautified by holiness, radiant with hope. Her Majesty the Queen would commend, and has honored, lives lived unselfishly and for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

She gives the distinct impression that she hopes to enter heaven as one who has served Him well, as she vowed to do on the day she was crowned. Let’s take our places in that coronation abbey.

Her Majesty Greets NASA Employees

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