Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25 – The Crowned Head

Coronation Day was not the first time Elizabeth II had ever worn a crown. As a child, on the day of her father’s coronation in 1937, she wore a diadem, as she had done for many public appearances as a child and young woman. On that day, she was Heir Apparent, next in line for the throne. Can we imagine this? Once again, we must pause and try to consider what it would be to have placed upon one’s head, not just a decorative tiara for “prom,” but a rightful crown, and with all the responsibilities attending upon its weight. We ought to consider, because we are crowned, and we had best comport ourselves accordingly! We are crowned with “lovingkindness and compassion” (Psalm 103:4,) and like any member of the “royal” family, we need to be those who exude the qualities of our crowning. The best kings and queens have always known that they wore a crown of service toward their peoples, and we in Cor Unum know that we are on this earth as servants, not lords. At the same time, our position is high – very high. As Elizabeth II is rightly called, “Your Majesty,” and those within her family are “Highnesses,” we may even more certainly think of ourselves in the same way, royal highnesses under the protection and direction of His Majesty, Jesus Christ. His direction sends us to serve others and to worship our God and Father; His position determines our lofty and rightful place on earth and in heaven. At His footstool, we would be high above all. Seated as we are at the right hand of God in Christ Jesus our Lord, we ought to bear the weight of our royal privilege in all “lovingkindness and compassion.” Great Britain and the Commonwealth nations have been blessed in these last monarchs, who have known that their most high position is one of humble, noble service, under God. Let us offer our heads and hearts to the burden of nobility, never denying our King and kinship to Him, never forsaking the “Royal Law” of kindness and of DOING unto others as we would have them do to us. It is a very high privilege, this coronation, and it is ours in this Abbey. Darlington Decorated for Coronation of George VI by Abonson, Wikipedia

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