Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25 – Beads and Knots

If we were walking the cloistered halls of a traditional monastery, and if we were numbered among the professed nuns, we might have a little circlet of beads affixed to our belts to allow us to track our rejoicing.

Like the Army keeps tabs on every bottle, bed sheet and bullet, and nuns keep tabs on their progress. Every time a nun does something obedient and cheerful for the sheer love of God, she moves one of her beads from one side of the strand to the other. I suppose obedient and grouchy would count, but nuns are taught to go for the gold.

We are the Brothers and Sisters of Cor Unum Abbey. Let’s not be “left behind!” Every time we do something

- Scripturally obedient or
- obedient to the prompting of God or
- in compliance with our own Godly resolutions,

let’s employ a marker of some kind for a day or two . . . or longer if this little exercise works. It is time-honored, after all.

We can move pennies from one pocket to another; we can keep a memo with us and make a tic mark; we can make folds in a piece of paper; we may tie knots in a piece of twine.

Remember, dearest all, we are not playing at holiness in this house! We are determined in our joy, in our hope, and in our “vocations.” We will bear the image of Jesus Christ, on purpose . . . because we may.

painting by
Henriette Browne,
by permission


  1. Because we may seems like reason enough!

    And check out my blog if you get a chance. I've got good news posted! :-) I'm a grandma again!


    I've been so out-of-pocket in the last weeks, including a family reunion in Orlando . . . I'll take a look at your blog!


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