Saturday, October 2, 2010

October 2 – Beauty and the Beast

We have done a little “imagining” together, and thank God for that amazing facility we share! We can imagine ourselves walking the earth with Jesus; we can imagine the touch of His hand upon our faces; we can imagine His compassionate glance turned our way.

Imagine for a moment that you fell asleep one night in the stucco-walled room of a modest house where you lived as a cultural outsider, orphaned and cared for by a kind uncle, far from your own people, except those who themselves lived as “strangers in a strange land.”

Now imagine that less than twenty-four hours later you have been picked up against your will, herded into a harem with hundreds of other women, and that you learn the ruler of the land intents to choose from among you to take a new wife. Your new surroundings are more luxurious, but your new prospects are not to be envied unless you should be the chosen woman, and in your case, you would far rather be back in your uncle’s care.

If we are really employing our imaginations, that is probably enough imagery for one day.

Imagine it is YOU. Imagine you are there in the harem of the king. Imagine the former queen has been deposed and one of you will be chosen to replace her.

Thank God that, when you were seized from your uncle’s home, you can take Cor Unum with you!

Imaginary Door To Uncle Mordecai's House
photo by Kerry

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