Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 4 –Still Imagining

We have been employing the amazing facility called imagination. Imagine God thinking to give us an imagination!

Now, since we are imagining, consider the possibility that, of all those women, enough of them that the king could entertain a new prospect every night, that the king’s eunuch saw something in you worth protecting and promoting, that among all the others, you began to receive special advise and favors inside the court of the concubines.

There was once a king who called for the ingathering of the beautiful maidens in his country, and there was a eunuch whose name was Hegai who was put in charge of them all.

No one knew the king the way Hegai did. The former Queen Vashti certainly did not.

Hegai would know what trinkets, teases and trifles were tedious to Xerxes. Hegai would know what conversations, comforts and considerations would hold his interest. If anyone would know, it was Hegai.

Speaking quite frankly, Hegai had no reason to know women after their deceits, and he certainly must have been able to see every imaginable defect at close range.

Somehow, something about the historical heroine of the story must have been unique in the extreme. Stay tuned. She’s a Cor Unum woman!

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