Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 12 – The Trade-Off

Darrell Evans’ wonderful song admonishes us to trade our sorrows, our pain, our sickness, our shame, laying them down, for the joy of the Lord.

Looking at life in the light of Jesus’ endurance, we see light. He, for the joy set before Him, endured the cross and despised its shame. Can we not, for the joy set before us, endure every offense and humiliation?

His first joy was, surely, obedience to His beloved Father. Then, He was purchasing for Himself a Bride, and with joy He will one day present her at His Father’s throne.

Shall we not rejoice every day to be the ones the Father chose for the Son, and the ones the Son will bring in Bridal Splendor to the Father? This is the monastic ecstasy, and it is the life's work of many monastics to come to know how great the mercy and majesty of God in the love of His Son.

When did our own daily failures or the daily offenses of those who have themselves failed to receive or display the love of God become the lodestar of our happiness?

When did . . . anything . . . become more precious to us than our First Love?

Gates of Marfo-Marinsky Convent
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