Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 13 – Righteousness: An Exposé

Righteousness. Peace. Joy.

“What is ‘righteousness,’ class?”

Not many of us went to that school!

Pity. Every parent wants to see it in a child. Every child knows when his parent is righteousness-deficient.

Righteousness . . . is the being better than we are. Righteousness is honesty for its own sake. Righteousness is hoping where others only wish.

Righteousness is the glory of work and the safeguard of all the games we play and all our leisure.

Biblically, we know (although we seldom remember in context at all) that righteousness is believing God. Now we can be honest, even if our honesty results in loss; we can win no matter how often we lose. We obtain what others never lay eyes upon.

There is a work for us in the Kingdom, and we were given it by the King and Lord thereof . . . we are assigned to righteousness . . . to believe in the One the Father has sent.

"Familie ten Boom"

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