Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9 – Cloudy, With a Chance of Glory

As we ride out days of uncertainty, read headlines flaunting difficulty, and experience numbing adversity, we begin to notice those bright rays of advancing majesty.

The Scripture tells us that God hides in canopies of darkness and rides on its wings on His way to our deliverance. Every cloud has a silver lining?

Every shadow is the mist that comes between us and the light.

The clouds that roll in might envelope us for a season, but they never diminish His glory, and like the fog, no matter how thick and grey it may be at dawn, which the sun burns away, the glory of God . . . His lovingkindness and faithfulness and mercy, as Moses saw Him . . . will shine through.

In this monastery, we begin to look for what we want to see, not because of wishful thinking or transcendental mind games, but because in Cor Unum what we want to see is there, always there, never leaving us or forsaking us. All things are being summed up in Jesus Christ, and He shines.

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