Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 8 – Storm Clouds

We do not doubt that every generation faces its own dark times and threatening scenarios; the enemy of souls has a plan of destruction for each generation.

Yet, we are not destroyed.

In Cor Unum, walking with God, referring all to Him and to the finished work of His Son on Calvary’s cross, measuring everything against the weight of His glory, exulting in the glory of His resurrection, we understand that when all is said and done, we shall still be found, worshiping God. When all else fails, we shall be found standing, and we are standing. We love; we forgive; we give thanks to God; we render to Him our praise and look forward to catching every glimpse of His Majesty.

How might His light shine through the mists and the darkness if we faithfully resist the confusions, doubts, fears, and disappointments that present themselves for our inspection and for our embrace. Darkness isn’t death and threats of destruction do not in themselves destroy . . . unless we give them that for which they ask; we do not surrender our hope.

We in Cor Unum are in training, that we will not abandon the field of battle. We stand and maintain hope’s field of engagement. Those who look to see, will behold His glory.

"Storm in the Heavens"
photo by Kerry

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. When I watch the news it always seems so discouraging - but if past generations can survive, we can too!


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