Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 7 – Sounds Good

We’ll just schedule our days! We’ll make a plan! We just need to pray more!

Sound familiar? Perhaps we have heard those words in our own hearts and heads!

The best “divine office” seems to evolve when we decide not what we should do (more of this, less of that,) but when we decide WHAT GOD IS WORTH! Is He worth our taking time out to worship Him? When we think of it, everything else of worth pales in comparison. All that He has given and instituted, send us back to Him in gratitude and love.

Still, we have to get there . . . to the place, the time, the occasion where we will close ourselves in with Him. We go to the place where He awaits us. Jesus said that place is real and that the Father is really there, waiting for us, seeking worshipers.

That’s what prompts us . . . sometimes drives us . . . here in Cor Unum. That is what reforms us when nothing else will.

That, and turning off the television!

"Pot of Gold . . . Or Promise of God?"
photo by Kerry

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