Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31 – Quiet Delight

Today the Abbess recommends making a start . . . take three minutes at least once today. Set a kitchen timer. Turn off your cell phone (like you do at the movies!), leave your coffee cup in the kitchen and a note on the door “Back in three minutes!”

Settle yourself before Him and look up into His invisible Face. Trouble yourself not at all to try to see or imagine it! You will see Him face-to-face when the time comes. By this effort and endeavor, you will be known among those on earth who, never having laid eyes upon His beautiful countenance, “see Jesus!” (Hebrews 2:9)

Trouble yourself even less when your thoughts wander. Ignore them UTTERLY! Beloved Sisters and Brothers . . . ignore them! Only bring your countenance before His. Enjoy His nearness, only. Experience it, but give the experience no attention whatsoever! Have Him, as truly as He has you in the Father. Stay. Don’t grieve . . . don’t repent . . . this is not that time! Only keep yourself in Him! You can bring nothing to these minutes beyond your desire for Him and your pleasure in Him.

Find in Him a quiet delight that will sustain you throughout the day. Try not to lose it . . . though you will at first. Come again tomorrow . . . and the day after . . . and the day after that. He will be watching . . . waiting . . . for you . . . for us.

"Facing the Son"
photo by Kerry

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