Monday, May 31, 2010

June 1 – Babies in the Captain’s Quarters

What about the INQUIRING part of Psalm 27 . . .

“One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to INQUIRE IN HIS TEMPLE.”

Having found our place, our rest, our security in Him, we are not destined to live by “blind faith.” That concept is not found in Scripture.

God makes His will and His ways known, and we are given to know them. Then, we walk in them as His life fills us with strength and vision and hope and assurance. How do we get to that place?

We INQUIRE! We ask of Him. We looked earlier in Cor Unum into the difference between these two questions: “What do You want me to do for You?” and “What is Your will in this matter, Father?” The difference is akin to the apprentice at a space launch . . . of a seven-year-old just learning to subtract with two-digit numbers. There may not be anything this one could do for the rocket scientists! . . . but if the little one were very obedient, he could flip a switch when a light came on.

A seven-year-old at a launch site is more capable of providing assistance than we are to God; there is nothing God cannot do better without us . . . except . . . when we will be His hands, His feet, His voice.

These things are not always revealed to the “casual inquirer,” and sometimes it requires tremendous stillness on our part to hear a simple instruction from Him. Why? Because of clamoring. Clamoring thoughts, impressions, fears, desires, obsessions, obligations, persuasions. Inquiring minds will know the will of God, when inquiring hearts humble themselves to ask and wait quietly upon God until His instructions are clear. We will grow to LOVE this verse from Psalm 30: God is able to make His glorious voice heard.

The best preparation is in His Presence. Those who took three minutes alone and quiet and still and attentive before God yesterday . . . take ten minutes today. Don’t ask anything yet. Be there, be glad to be there just because He is there, too. No interruptions that you can avoid; ignore interrupting thoughts and emotions.

Here in Cor Unum, we would not be shown up by an obedient seven-year-old!

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