Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2 – The Womb of God

We continue to explore the idea that our time spent in the PRESENCE OF GOD must be, first and foremost, not productive but inductive. That is to say, we fix our gaze upon the Lord for no purpose other than to be with Him because He wants us there, with the result that the experience has what effect on us He wishes it to have.

In the science of embryology, induction is the effect of one part upon another. How mysterious and marvelous must that be in the embryo! How mightily does it work to weave together a birth-able infant in such a short time! In Cor Unum, we know from Scripture (Psalm 139) that God is doing the weaving, working all the threads of mind and body, soul and spirit together.

May it not be that the womb was the last place where we waited upon God! He did such an incomparable job there . . . we might well wait upon Him now, as adults and rational beings, as humans who know where they came from and where they are going.

As postulants, novices, and professed monastics in Cor Unum, seekers after God whose “enclosures” might be a quiet patio or a spare bedroom or the family table in an empty kitchen, we will be found among those who believe that we may grow and be formed IN HIM, if we will. We are looking to the Father, and He is knitting us together, now with His Son and with one another, in another dimension . . . the womb of His Presence.

"New Arrivals"
photo by Kerry

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