Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30 – Inquiring Minds Want to Know, Part Two

Yesterday, one of nuns in Cor Unum coined a phrase.

She has charge of the very newest, most tender and raw postulants. Her devotional hours are hard won. An hermetical nun by nature, she is providing an hermetic environment for her charges, sacrificing her own predilection for the sake of their protection, and she responded to yesterday’s “homily” with these words:

“Remaining before God for no reason . . . bliss!”

It is. Blissful. Nothing compares. It is He . . . pure Him!

Who are we, the busy worker ants of the earth, that we should lollygag in the Presence of God! There is so much to be done! The Scripture admonishes us be like the ants, who without guide, overseer, or ruler work diligently in summer to be well-prepared for winter.

What, my beloved inmates, what greater accomplishment could we ever gain than that we go out into our day FULL to overflowing with the Presence of God, in which we have soaked our souls in stillness . . . for a few moments not asking, not studying, not expressing even our gratitude nor using our words to project ourselves in any way, but only imbibing His nearness, His nature, His beauties. As surely as morning follows night, we will with these gain His wisdom, His understanding, His joy, His strength, His peace, His hope (this alone is valuable beyond estimation,) His compassion . . . and with them, His grace to walk in step with all that He imparts.

All this, and BLISS, too!

There is no God like Jehovah.

"The Heavens Will Drop Their Dew"
photo by Kerry

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