Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 29 – Inquiring Minds Want to Know, Part One

Of all the things we might list to define a devotional RELATIONSHIP with the God of the universe, there is one critical aspect which often goes begging.

We know we should pray, and we do. We know that gratitude is an enormous part of our “Divine Office” as well as our own well-being. We know we must read the Scriptures, and further, we study to show ourselves approved, endeavoring to implement what is read.

We do well when we incorporate continual, daily cleansing of our souls through repentance, and if we meditate upon the Lord and His myriad majestic attributes, we will profit thereby.

There are two places where we typically leave our closets a few minutes too soon.

One is in the vein of stillness, and the other fits with it. Until we hear about it and give it a try, it is difficult to imagine the essential nature of STILLNESS, of remaining before God for no reason! . . . except to be with Him and admire His invisible loveliness. This “invisible loveliness” is made up of all his wonderful nature apart from His bountiful blessings. In stillness, we admire all about Him that we can neither see nor hold nor name. We admire Him, rather like the way a maiden’s heart might beat faster at the very sound of the voice of him whom her soul loves. The anticipation of his nearness is mysteriously sweeter and more invigorating to her than the flowers he brings, more exquisite than conversation or a movie date!

If, in the next moment, he comes through the door and brings with him an offering, a bouquet, an invitation to dinner, she could affirm that whatever he offers cannot begin to measure up to the fullness of joy she experienced before she ever saw his face.

This is Cor Unum. We are here . . . because we want Him. We seek His face more industriously than His hand. We know that if we touch the hem of His garment, He will stop even in His forward and momentous path and give to us, do for us, all that we need, but we must have more even than this. We MUST HAVE the crook of His arm, the shelter of His wings, the spreading of His robe over us.

"Just to Be Near You"
photo by Kerry

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