Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 6 – What Mary Saw

Oh, Mary! How many families in India were changed because she listened to the instructions that God gave her and taught others that He would instruct them, too.

Her listening, and listening with them, brought God into the picture and into the solution and into the living newness of things in darkness brought into the light of truth and mercy.

Things changed. Everything changed! We hear so often, and sometimes we say, “People have a will of their own. We cannot violate their will!” Mary said, in the living of her life, “People are destroying their lives and those of others around them. They are not free to do the things that will give them a future and a hope. God will help them if only they will let Him speak to them, and I will help them learn to listen.”

When Mary went home at noon, on the chair in her front room, there was, for the first time ever, and as she said, for the only time thereafter, a chicken! Guess what was nestled in the cushion under the chicken?

For the rest of Mary’s story, go to, or you can purchase Mary’s very inexpensive little book through major on-line booksellers. Your monastic heart will laugh and maybe want to weep as you read case after case of miraculous intervention in the lives of those who would sit quietly and wait until God showed them what to do. She taught that hearing God was as simple as acknowledging the thoughts and inspirations and heart-prickings that He gives us all, in the faith that God must be obeyed and that his counsel will never disappoint.

Mary left instructions before her death that her book could continue to be reprinted as long as it remained just as she wrote it, no frills, just her amazing and touching and sometimes humorous case histories. She also asked that the book be kept affordable, and no one was to profit from it but that all proceeds should continue to support mission work in India. Her niece and others have kept Mary’s request as a holy trust to their family, as good monastics are wont to do.

"Once in a Blue Moon"
shot on the December 31 "Blue Moon" of 2009
photo by Kerry

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