Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 5 – Four Little Steps

Mary Geegh traveled throughout India teaching men and women, pastors and school principals and Indian Pundits, how to hear from God.

She spoke with women who were determined to run away with their lovers, and with unfaithful men and with teachers and business people who had known terrible failure and disappointment. The message was always the same . . . hear from God. The result was the same . . . God’s wisdom intervened and lives, marriages, careers, and most of all, souls were rescued.

Oh, the story of Mary and the egg!

She had been sent to a new mission site. She determined to begin on the right foot and set aside a time for listening to God . . . she made a “Pact With God” concerning her devotion to Him . . . she had no Mother Superior or cloistered sisters with her, but she had a vocation. She had God, our God, and confidence that He leads His sheep

Serious difficulties arose between Mary and her colleague; tensions mounted. That can happen in dedicated lives. Mary sought the Lord. She followed the steps she had been taught. God’s guidance to her was that she must take her colleague a fresh egg. She considered this . . . and scratched it out of her notebook.

She went on about her day . . . she reasoned that this guidance could not be from God.

But . . . what do you suppose she saw in her chair when she went home for lunch?

Before we go on . . . what were the four steps?
1) Get quiet . . . silent . . . before God and listen, and 2) repent of all sin, and 3) write down the guidance God gives, determining to obey, and 4) tell others what you have discovered.

"Get Quiet Before God and Listen"
photo by Kerry

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