Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 4 – Mary Geegh

Mary Geegh. That may be a name you have never heard.

Born, December 21, 1897. Died January 30, 1999, at 101 years of age.

Missionary to India for 38 years.

What can she teach us? The same thing she taught on the mission field . . . how to hear God.

She preached to the Indian people; sometimes she prayed all night long for a person to turn to Jesus Christ. Nothing seemed to happen.

Then a man named Dr. R. L. Scudder, Sr. came to the village. People began to seek him out in order to turn their lives from sin to righteousness. Mary went to him and asked him how she, too, might become an effective missionary for the Indian people.

His advice to her was simple, and it is life-changing. She employed it and taught countless others to do the same. He told her first to WAIT . . . to be still before God and start listening.

Then, she was to repent specifically of any sin in her life, every day.

Next, with notebook and pencil at hand, she was to write down whatever the Holy Spirit spoke to her mind, and to determine to obey.

Finally, she must share with others what this practice did for her.

Wait ’till you hear what happened next!

"Wait . . . Be Still . . . Listen"
photo by Kerry

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