Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 3 – Taking Stock

Tomorrow is a big day in Cor Unum. Someone is coming to speak through the grille of time on the subject of God’s guidance.

In true monastic fashion, we will not just wait in carefree anticipation. Rather, let us examine our Opus Dei to this point. Is the work of God at work in us? Let us prepare our hearts for more!

Have we chosen points of “conversatio”* to bring about small, definite changes in our lifestyles or our character? Some may have . . . stopped biting the nails on one hand! Some have started speaking to God in blessing and gratitude before speaking to anyone else in the early morning hours. Others have determined that they will pray for their spouses for at least one full minute each day, and some are fasting second helpings, only.

We agreed that what counts in this cloister is that we choose things we absolutely will do and not turn back from doing them.

Have we determined to watch for opportunities to do little, often unobserved things, purely for the love of God, like answering the phone as if we were expecting a call from Him, or sending a letter to someone, as if they were utterly precious to Jesus Christ? "As if ... !"

Have we settled into a more interactive Bible study, or . . . like the red bird in the frozen tree . . . warbled a song or two when all around us seemed bleak and unyielding?

We have covered a little ground in Cor Unum, haven’t we? Much as the new postulant feels after the first month or two in the abbey, we may not see all the change we hope to see in our lives, but we are not the people we were when we came through the doors, either.

“Passio Christi, conforta me!” we cry! The hope of conversion is great, one step at a time.

"Burn in Me"
photo by Kerry
* For a detailed explanation of "conversion of manners," see the early January posts.

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