Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 8 – Stories of Our Own

In Cor Unum, we want others to have good and wonderful things, even when we may have to do without. We want others to win the award, get the job, take the biggest piece . . . well, we are working on that, at any rate!

What we do not want is for others to have the joy of seeing what God can do and missing it ourselves. We do not want to watch others living lives of dedication while we are deciding whether or not we will join in. We do not want to miss the humility of hearing and the glory of obeying and the wonder of walking where God leads and doing, ourselves doing, as He pleases.

We want to have stories of our own, never ending accounts of what God did in us and all around us because we listened so we could hear what He was saying. We want to have our part in what He has in mind. We have read so many histories of so many wonders and marvels and miracles of God’s grace and goodness, and we want our share.

Others don’t have to read them or hear about them, but we need to know that God had His way yesterday in our lives and that He will have His way tomorrow, because that’s where joy is, for us. It is the biggest piece. It’s the top award. It’s the job we always wanted.

What is Cor Unum if not a place where we live to see just what God will do when we do just what He has in mind? We worship and pray and listen and learn and wait and celebrate our way to His victorious everything.

What can He do? What will He do? We want to know! Mary Geegh knew. She lived in Cor Unum and kept to a simple rule of listening, repenting, obeying, and helping others do the same. Her Opus Dei . . . was never to surrender her seat in God’s board room.

"Stories of Our Own"
photo by Kerry

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