Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28 – Worship and Religion

We’ve done it! We’ve stepped over the threshold of a monastery as real as those that adorn the hills and valleys of ancient European towns and villages, and those that used to be barns and Quonset huts in America!

We’ve entered a cyber-cloister, and we have elected a Superior . . . our own consecrated will and devotion! . . . that the Father may be worshiped and adored, that the Word of God will have its way in us, implanted and saving our souls, and that our prayers will be heard and answered.

As you can see, we have much more to explore, many more corridors to investigate and doors to unlock, but we have made a worshipful beginning. Three minutes is such a long time, especially compared with “zero!”

Not, of course, that our monastic souls did not lift themselves up to the Father before, but in the Abbey we begin to make Him and His pleasure the focus of our worship, more than merely enjoying the benefits of worshipful privilege. It’s a distinction that makes a difference!

We have spoken of worship, but what of religion? We don’t even like that word! Nevertheless, the Word of God gives us a definition of religion, from the pen of the Lord’s brother, James. He defined religion for us, and pure religion at that. Do we remember that he spoke not a word about Bible study or prayer or worship in his definition? Gracious!

Worship today, dear ones. Try to find TWO three-minute intervals for the grateful, fervent worship of the Lord our God, wherein our hearts and our words are directed to His love and glory twice in the day before our heads hit our pillows.

Tomorrow, we will see if worship and religion can dwell together, here in Cor Unum, the monastery of the heart!

"Cloistered in the City"
Abbatial Photo

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