Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27 - Three Minutes!

Three minutes is SUCH A LONG TIME! Did you not think so yesterday? Three minutes of fervent and uninterrupted worship, generated from our own hearts, not just sing-a-long, much as the Abbey appreciates worship cds! Wasn't it wonderful!

Still, we smile together! Three minutes out of a twenty-four hour day. Three minutes out of 960 waking minutes . . . and that’s if we sleep eight hours, and not many of us do, in our at-home monasteries. Let’s see: we spent .3125 percent of our day in focused worship yesterday.

Well, HOORAY! That might be .3125 percent more than we spent the day before.

This is not to replace singing along with our favorite worship music in the car (although the Abbey has another practice for motoring monasticism, as well!) Our three minutes of worship are not, of course are NOT, a replacement of the many times each day when our hearts turn in gratitude and praise to our God and King.

Oh, the joys of commanding our own souls! If we are here, we know God is worthy to be praised. We know that He called Israel out of Egypt that they might worship Him, and we know we have been called out of darkness for the same purpose. Our monastic hearts are housed in these busy souls, with ever so many things to do, prey to ever so many distractions!

We command our souls in Cor Unum. We greatly respect the internal reminders that are given, once our minds are made up . . . “Stop and pray. Take a worship break! Chart your day and steer your course, and make the Lord the centerpiece of all!” It is AMAZING how those reminders don’t come when we have made no plan or commitment in a devotional direction! . . . but when we do, the Spirit of the Living God will confirm our choices.

Today in Cor Unum . . . let us take another three minutes, our .3125 percent of the day, and spend it in pure worship. Some might find two, three minute intervals, or one five minute interval . . . can we even imagine it? We can do it, if only we will obey our own commands!

"Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock!"
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