Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11 – We Must!

How did it go, yesterday? Did we walk with God? Did we remember him and enjoy His fellowship from the bus to the office, out to lunch and home again?

If not, what might help? This has to work! We must be able to walk with God! Enoch did, for over 300 years! Oh, Lord God . . . help us as much as You want us near You!

We looked at the necessity of choice, of making the Presence of God the priority of our souls. Yesterday we spoke of those intervals that occur during the day when we can assign our thoughts to the worship of God, to the remembrance of His nearness, and to gratitude. Having done these, what do we do, then, if we forget to remember?

We keep at it, of course, but we see we must go deeper, we must reach further, we must have more of God! In every circumstance of life, He is the answer. He is our peace. He is our future.

With every failure to walk in His Presence, we repent. We ask His forgiveness that anything should usurp His place in our thoughts. Our hearts must rest in Him! Our lives must originate in His! If we forget that we are His and He is ours, and that the nearness of God is our good, we humbly beseech Him that we will not leave Him any more than He will ever leave us.

All of this we do, but there is one thing more; perhaps we already know what that is. Now we must put it into practice . . . we must find time to spend time with God! We must find Him and hold Him and bring Him into our mother’s tent, this place of natural life where He has been pleased to make His abode. As surely as He has come to us, we must find Him and hold Him and never let Him go. This! . . . oh this! . . . time spent in the fullness of intimate fellowship with Him will be the catalyst that brings us back again! Excuses? They will vanish. When we must have Him, we will have Him, and when we do find Him, we will never again be content without Him!

Can you at all blame them, those nuns of Regina Laudis? For the privilege of gazing into the face of God without ceasing, they have left the world behind. We live in the world, but we must have what they have, and we know we sometimes do not. Tomorrow, a word from Andrew Murray to help us along the way.

"True Righteousness"
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