Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 2 – “God Understands”

We have all heard people say, “God understands when I can’t spend time with Him. He knows how busy I am; He knows all the turmoil in my life.”

We have heard those words from our own lips, most of us!

Oh, yes, God understands! Yes, He sees and knows all that we must do, all that comes to gobble up the time that we would spend with Him.

He sees, too, the time that we could have spent with Him, but we needed time to recuperate from the busy-ness and frustrations of the day! He sees; He understands.

Sadly, what we often fail to understand is that nothing will revive us like half an hour in His Presence. Nothing will reclaim the lost hours of the day like one hour spent in worship and prayer and thanksgiving and the counsel of His Word.

Here in Cor Unum we do attempt to mitigate those reasons for NOT seeking the Presence of the Lord through built-in appointments before His throne. We pencil Him in! Before breakfast, after lunch, after dinner, before bedtime. We bathe every day, eat three meals every day, watch a little television every day, and we present ourselves before the Presence of His Majesty every day. This is our monasticism, and we employ little efforts, like the lighted candle of which we spoke yesterday, to train our souls to come, to listen, to be still, to rejoice, and to stay until our spirits are revived in His.

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