Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1 – Would You Like Fries With That?

For the monastic man or woman, the trappings of monastic life have reason and purpose. Sandals, cells, beads and bells, all serve to remind, maintain, reinforce and promote the interior life of the cloister and its inhabitants.

We in Cor Unum must ask ourselves, is all of that merely a “feel holy” attempt, or is there something in style and form that might help remind, maintain, reinforce and promote our spiritual lives as well?

Here is an example and an exercise for those of you who wish to experiment. Today, when you go into your “closet” to spend awhile alone with the Lord – what? You don’t typically get away alone for any appreciable time with Him?

Ahh . . . perhaps a bit of maintainance is in order.

Find a pocket of time today; make a pocket of time today. Take your Bible and go alone, as Jesus did, to be with the Father. Now, just as you are ready to begin, and after you have turned off your cell phone and the coffee pot, let the dog out and the cat in, let the dog back in and put out the mail . . . in other words, after you have made arrangements to be able to stay awhile . . . try taking with you a candle in a holder, nice and safe, and a pack of matches.

When you are ready to read your Bible in the Presence of the Lord, to pray and ask Him to meet your needs and to strengthen those you love, to give Him your love and worship and sit quietly enjoying His nearness, light the candle, and do not leave your “sanctuary” until you have touched His heart . . . and given Him the opportunity to touch yours.

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