Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11 – Early Lenten Birds

We are a little early for “Lent” here in Cor Unum, which begins on March 9of this year, but our second forty-day fast has begun, and Lent will arrive before we are finished.

Lent . . . what is it? Is it “religious?” Is it compulsory and legalistic and antiquated? All of the above, sometimes.

It’s also lovely and helpful and powerful. It is, for some in the Body of Christ, a church-wide preparation to exult in the resurrection of Jesus Christ at Eastertide.

Nothing wrong with that!

For us in Cor Unum, if we are fasting a little fast now, we will still have nearly another entire forty-day cycle to complete before Easter arrives . . . but . . . what’s wrong with that?

A little something now, something for someone else, just as we discussed yesterday, a little something for the Lord Himself, perhaps, and when Lent begins, we may add a little something more . . . a very little something, if that is all we have on our hearts. Remember: we only want to offer what we will do . . . and we want to give what we offer. One Sister gave up coffee for Lent while others were surrendering “more,” but those forty cups of coffee mattered in her life; they were humbling when they were surrendered, and they were a most consistent reminder that the Presence of the Lord is palpable and that He is easily entreated and that fasting is personal and powerful when it is conducted as unto Him.

"Baby Steps"
photo by Kerry

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