Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10 – Fasting and Prayer

In our at-home abbeys, here within Cor Unum, the heart’s cloister, we have divided our year into nine forty-day periods of fasting and prayer, which will take us up to the Christmas holidays, annually, with five or six days given for a special New Years focus between Christmas and January 1.

Here are the seasons:

January 1 – February 9 . . . this year, we spent them rejoicing!

February 10 (that’s today!) – March 21

March 22 – April 30 . . .

May 1 – June 9

June 10 – July 19

July 20 – August 28

August 29 – October 7

October 8 – November 16

November 17 – December 26 . . . Advent

December 27 – December 31. . . special focus on the New Year

A new forty day cycle begins today. What will the next forty days look like for you? Is there someone on your “heart” this Valentine’s season, someone who needs to know the Lord or experience His love anew? Would you “fast” one meal each day in order to pray and especially remember him or her? Or perhaps you might fast one hour of leisure time and turn it into a Valentine for the Lord you love?

Consider what you may do . . . something that you will do! Don’t let your choice be one at which you will balk or fail or turn back in discouragement! Choose small and reap ENORMOUS benefits!


  1. Oh.... Kerry! I know that your post did not "say" what I "heard", but it really spoke to me today. You see.... I have quite the prayer list. Pray for healing for little Kate who has cancer... pray for Baby Gavin who has tumors around his heart.... continue to pray for Madelyn and that her skin will heal win minimum scarring.... pray for my kids, my grand children, etc....

    And good causes and nice things to pray about.... but what about all of those who are lost? People who would literally slip into hell for all eternity if they were not brought to the Lord? While I am praying for many good things, they are things that only effect life here on earth. This very TEMPORARY, unimportant phase of life.... not ETERNAL life.

    So..... I guess I have some changes to make.

    And - it was brought to my attention when I read your blog today. And all you said was "is there someone on your heart that needs to know the Lord".

  2. Patty . . . I am overjoyed with your response for this reason . . . any time that we can make a comment or an observation and it goes to the heart of another, that's is when the power of God is beginning to "work" in us.

    Lots of times we never know that this happens, but you were kind enough to share your experience with me . . .

    Thank you, my friend.



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