Friday, January 28, 2011

January 28 – Caught Rejoicing!

What joy it is to be caught in the act of doing the work of God!

We think we are merely loving others, an easy yoke indeed, and we find we are perpetuating the work of Majesty on earth.

We find ourselves following through on something that has tugged our heart strings, and we discover that we are obediently serving the Almighty God!

It matters not that we feel some reluctance at times . . . perhaps we had other plans . . . perhaps we feel ill-equipped . . . but we know when love constrains us and we follow through, that love is of God.

What we do not always recognize is that this is the way Jesus ministered when He was on the earth. For the love of the Father and of those around Him, He “went about doing good.”

Have we “caught yourselves” giving a gift of love in the last days? Did we call our mother, visit our brother, take someone to lunch who can’t invite us back again? Did we fix a faucet because we heard of one that was leaking, or fix dinner for a single mother without her having to have an appendectomy in order to find out that we care about her?

Keep tying those knots! Make a silken cord knotted top to bottom! It won’t easily break, tying us to the love of God.

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