Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 11 – What Will the Day Bring?

Wonder what Esther is doing this morning . . . several thousand years ago?

There is something about having all your plans and purposes distilled – or stripped away – until there is only one thing in focus. In the harem, one overnight with the King was all there was to think about, plan toward, hope for.

Esther was traveling toward that night as much as any of the girls, but she did have a mandate. Her uncle Mordecai had made sure she would keep her true identity a secret.

The harem awoke as it slept, with the king in mind. How to please him . . . when to see him . . . what is he like . . . which one will he like best?

We can see the Cor Unum correlation. Thankfully, we are not in competition, but Cor Unum is the place where we awaken to greet our Lord, where our day begins in His Presence, where we live to please Him and abide in His love, and where we close our eyes in His care . . . all despite the fact that we’ve never seen Him!

Oh, Lord and King Jesus! . . . that we would have all our plans and purposes distilled, that all thoughts would be brought into focus on you and that all our steps would be ordered in Your Word! . . . oh, that we would have no better plans or strategies or intents of the heart than to see Your kingdom come and Your will done on earth, as it is in heaven. That we would awaken to seek You and sleep in the knowledge that You are near! Esther-ize us where we are, King Jesus!

"Esther-ize Us!
photo by Kerry

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