Monday, October 11, 2010

October 10 – Morning

It’s interesting, when we pause to think of it, that morning comes the way it does.

In the system God chose, morning does not flash upon us; earth isn’t flat and floating in space; the sun does not “turn on” every twenty-four hours.

We have been given a little time to ourselves in the morning, every morning, a provision of time allowing us to get ready for our day . . . to spend awhile seeking the Presence and counsel of the Lord our God. We have been given TIME to worship Him.

We may, if we chose, bone up on current events in the mornings. We may call a friend or relative and say hello every day. We may sleep in and get up just in time to catch the bus.

Those who are married may remember the sweetness of romantic love in the early morning, when the best part of waking up was to turn and see the beloved one there beside . . . days when one hated to get on with the day not because of the job or the “to do” list, but because each had to go a separate way.

We might argue that, with the Lord, we never have to separate ourselves from Him! How true! Yet it remains a valid consideration that there is a nearness, alone with God, devotionally present before Him, and there is a quality of worship and a fellowship in the Word . . . there is a spiritual romance . . . that cannot be fully enjoyed in the marketplace.

Moreover, think what it might do for marriages to return to those days!

"Every Morning"
photo by Kerry

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