Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25 - ". . . With Your Whole Heart"

“One thing have I desired of the Lord . . . that will I seek after.” Psalm 27:4

Without doubt, the strength of the cloistered life is FOCUS. The monastic knows that life “in the world” was left behind in order to “find God” and to have as much of Him as one life can hold.

Some may focus on worship and some upon contemplation and some upon oneness, but all are focused upon the Lord Jesus Christ and life lived with Him and in Him.

Without doubt, the reason we are here together in Cor Unum is FOCUS. While we live our lives in the world, we are determined that we, too, shall “find God” and have as much of Him as one life can hold.

The fourth chapter of Deuteronomy, verse 29, tells us that if we seek the Lord with all our hearts, we will find him. In Cor Unum we have left ourselves no excuse. He knew that we would be married, that we would have children and that we would have to work for a living. So . . . we seek Him in and through our marriages, our parenting, our labor among the sons of men. We know that can find Him there! He instituted all of those entities!

What is it worth to us to “find God?” We agree that we are already as “saved” as we’re going to be; what is it worth to us to “find Him” and never let Him go? Immediately we might recognize that part of the worth of finding God is this . . . by the time we do, we will have become whole-hearted in the search! That is a superpassing-good thing in itself, and it is our destiny.

photo by Kerry

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