Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11 – It’s Plain to See!

Having seen what Moses saw, having come to know that God is WORTHY to reclaim all that has been lost, that He is worthy to make something of nothing and that He alone can do so, that all glory belongs to Him, we can see this about ourselves . . . we don’t have to be “stiff-necked” anymore!

It is not just that we should be humble or ought to yield to God, but that we MAY! We do not need to buffer our lives against the eventualities of life when His eye is upon us and He holds the seas in the palm of His hand! Many of the “eventualities” and circumstances of life that have wounded others can be circumvented as we listen to God and do things His way. Other matters will come to our address, but the Name of the Lord will be on the envelope: persecution, intercession, evangelism.

Would we rather maintain our rights . . . or acquire His righteousness. Would we rather bequeath to our children faith or fear? Would we rather fall upon the rock or have the rock fall upon us?

It is an evil effect in every generation that whispers that the humble soul will be trod down, like a “doormat.”

In Cor Unum, the humble soul is the one that confronts a difficulty in the Presence of God, asks for directions in His Presence, from His Mind and Heart, and follows through IN THE FAITH OF JESUS CHRIST (Galatians 2:20,) which has been given to those who believe.

The Scripture tells us that Moses had paramount meekness among men. One would be hard-pressed to find another man with this degree of strength, leadership, vitality, or success. Certainly none knew God as Moses did in his day. None sought God as he did, although Joshua was following in his steps.

If this is what meekness did for Moses, we need more of it!

"Take the world . . . but give me Jesus!"
(Fanny Crosby)
photo by Kerry

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