Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25 – In the Lord’s House

Nothing could be more important to us, here in Cor Unum, than to know we are in the Lord’s house.

Typically, this passage from John 14 is used to describe a splendid dwelling place in heaven, but let us consider, “what” is the Father’s house? When we realize that the Father’s “house” is a “Who” and not a “what,” our understanding begins to reform.

Jesus said that He WENT to prepare a “place” for us, and that because He went, He would come again and gather us to Himself. Did He go to take care of architectural details in heaven? He said His purpose was to come again to receive us to Himself.

From this passage and from His prayer in John 17 . . . in all these last words, in fact . . . it becomes clear to us that a castle in the sky was the last thing on His mind: He was going to the cross, taking our sin upon Himself, rising to the right hand of the Father, and taking us with Him in His resurrected Body.

Colossians 3 says that we are seated there, with the Father, in Him. That is our “place” now, and in that place, we will safely arrive in heaven. When we get there, will we be looking for real estate?

We think square footage and amenities; He thinks nearness to the Father and Oneness with us.

Whether or not we will have a “domicile” in heaven, our heavenly must-have will be “room” to worship Him, “gardens” in which to walk with Him, “space” to entertain the hosts of heaven bent on the same activity. Let us spend time today considering that, just as we are with Him here in Cor Unum, the Monastery of the heart, so will we be with Him forever in a place not made with human hands.

"Heavenly Staging"
wall mural by Ted deGrazia
Mission in the Sun, Tucson, Arizona
photo by Kerry

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