Friday, April 23, 2010

April 24 - Dream House

For most of us, in and outside of the Abbey, if someone were to provide us with a shop full of power tools and half a million dollars, we could only make a mess of things if we set out to renovate our homes on our own.

We have the power of God at our disposal; in fact, it would be more accurate if we said, God is with us in power!

Funding is not any kind of problems with our God . . . He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. The seas are His. He created the earth and the heavens! He is patient, He is kind . . . He is the God of all comfort, and Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Life! No lack of resource here!

Yet, we set out to renovate our lives, and all too often the lives of others, and with all of this at hand, we fail. How can this be?

If we want walls that fit and don’t fall down, lives that fit and don’t collapse, we must listen and obey. We are given to wait upon God, and He is given to us to build us up in His Son.

It isn’t “D I Y,” but it is a finished work, and that’s where we can go and how we can begin that will make sure we end up a work of His glory . . . we must go to the blueprint of the cross of Jesus Christ. The beams and rafters, studs and headers, concrete and insulation that make our “fit” into the Lord to be a dwelling place for His Presence. We build upon His humility and the foundation of faith. We put up walls of hope and close ourselves in with vision. We make sure that the authority of His life and His headship cover us, and all of this day by day, one rivet at a time. We trust and obey until we are safe inside His likeness.

We have begun a great work in Cor Unum. We are going to see what can built with joy and what we may have if His glory is all we seek. When the disciples asked, “Where do you dwell?”, Jesus invited them to come and see. Let us put something down, whatever we must, in order to pick up the title deed to the House of God, and let us build together, for His promise to us is, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.”

A Quiet Little Place
photo by Kerry

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