Friday, February 26, 2010

February 27 – First Love

In January, in Cor Unum, we walked through the monastery, got to know some of the practices and postulants and professions of a deeper devotional life.

During much of this month, we have taken a look at what we have in the heart’s monastery, when Jesus Christ is Lord, and what we can have and shall have, when we are His obedient and devoted people.

There are those things that come to us by divine right: life and conscience and a measure of faith, for instance.

There are things we have because we hold them, such as integrity and hope, and things we have because we seek hard after them, like peace and the knowledge of God.

All of these and all else that pertain “life and godliness” are found in Jesus Christ and guaranteed in Him. Let us determine that we will seek Him in all things, hold Him fast, give Him our full and happy allegiance. In Cor Unum we learn techniques of forgiveness and generosity, hope and humility, discipline and devotion. All the while, we are calling to mind that it was He who captured our attention, brought us near, gave us grace to believe, and left us with promises that will see us to the finish line.

How good, how sweet it is to remember that … He loved us first.

"A Dozen Roses"

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