Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 26 – No Comparison!

"We need more laborers in God's vineyard," say some.

"We need more worship and intercession," say others.

These issues have been swirling like dry leaves in autumn, over the centuries, in our churches, across denominations.

We in Cor Unum are lifting our hands to the Lord. On the one hand:

“Here is my work. Is it unto You, Lord? Am I whole-hearted in it? Do I seek Your glory in all that I do? Is my chief work the work of obedience?”

On the other . . .“Here is my worship, Lord. Is it congregational, only? Is it fair-weather worship, or do I worship You when I’m alone and when things don’t go my way? Is my worship toward You, or is it largely self-referential?”

We in Cor Unum are never too busy to worship the Lord we love, in special times devoted to worship and as we walk along the paths of life.

“When we compare, we fall short somewhere,” sings one little postulant, and the older nuns smile and nod, knowingly. In Cor Unum, our lives are becoming a “pleasant sacrifice” of love, devotion, work, and service, and it all takes place because we are given to the obedience of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Beautiful photo! You nailed the exposure and the color is perfect!


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