Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4 – The Ring, Please

          Now the beautiful sapphire and ruby ring is placed upon the Queen’s finger. 

          The ring weighs 84 and ½ carats.  Rubies overlay the enormous sapphire in the form of  a cross.  Fourteen beautiful diamonds encircle the Sapphire.

          This is the Wedding Ring of England, worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

          We hold out our hands . . . what signet do we see there?  The Prodigal Son was adorned with the Father’s ring; the naked castoff was washed and clothed and given the ring of honor to wear.  The Sisters who take their Perpetual Vows receive a simple ring of promise.

          “Receive the ring of Kingly dignity, and the seal of Catholic faith.”  (The Queen, of course, is under vows to defend the Protestant faith, Catholic meaning “one universal,” but this Queen has enjoyed an honorable  State friendship with several Popes and a heart to see Christian faiths united.) This is the band that signifies the " 'till death do us part' " relationship between Elizabeth and her people.  They know it; she knows it.

          Does it sparkle upon your finger, the Ring of Promise and of Faith, the ring that God placed there?  Does the Ring of State and of the Father's Choosing gleam with holy love and devotion?  Does it betoken divine union and eternal fellowship? 

          Wear it in Cor Unum.  Where it wherever you go.  Wear it as the betrothal ring it is, here in the Monastery of the Heart.

Coronation Ring
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