Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25 – Crowns and Crosses

          Brian Barker has captured a moment in time for us in his splendid book.  When the Queen Was Crowned:

          “As Baron Mowbray came slowly backward from the Homage, silence fell briefly on the Abbey.  The ceremony of the Coronation was over.  The Queen had been crowned as Alfred was crowned, anointed as Edgar had been anointed, had been sworn as the Lion Hearted had once been sworn, and had received the Homage in the words and form in which the Lords of the Council had knelt to do their Homage to the first Queen Elizabeth.  I think that all of us there who looked towards the young Queen Elizabeth, crowned and golden, felt that something very important, very old and sacred, had been consummated in that place.”

          In vain would we in Cor Unum spend these many days investigating an ancient ceremony, an Anglo-Saxon monarchical rite, if it were to make us wish we could grow up to be princesses . . . or kings and queens on the earth. 

          Yet there was a day, a time, when something more ancient, something eternally sacred, something of consummation far more holy and secure, happened to us.

          A few more days, beloved . . . for a few more days, let us gaze upon that day and time when we were crowned with the Crown of Righteousness which Jesus Christ fashioned on the cross of our shame.

Elizabeth in Garter Robes
Pietro Annigoni

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