Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 27 - The Sword Returns to the Altar

Her Sword, presented to her from the Altar of God, at the hand of God's representative.  Her Sword, returned by her to the Altar of God, in tunic of humility and garments of majesty, with uncovered head.  Her sword, redeemed by the State that it might stand guard beside her, unsheathed.

In a culture many cannot quite know, including many who live within it, God-given sovereignty is guarded by those whom the Crown will guard.  It is a bit of a dance, but we understand.  It was as if the Marquess was speaking on behalf of a nation . . . "We will protect what God has given and what our Queen has surrendered . . . we will watch and guard the gift of God, for she guards us before Him."  

Which one of us in Cor Unum can help but think, "That would work very well in the Body of Christ!  Every gift and power of God upon the Altar of God; every one among us redeeming the honor of the other, bearing unsheathed defense of the majesty of all," the Word of God spoken and never returning void to His throne.

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