Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10 - Stepping Into the Aisle

With trumpet sound filling the Abbey, Elizabeth II made her way into the nave at Westminster, dressed according to the words of the Garter King of Arms: “The QUEEN in Her Royal Robes of Crimson Velvet, hemmed with ermine and bordered with gold lace, wearing the Collar of the Garter; on her head a Diadem of Precious Stones.”

Hearts beat faster; everyone was anxious and poised in readiness for the great moment. Elizabeth seemed more at ease than all; she had prompted her Ladies in Waiting with the words, “Let’s go, girls!”, but she was royally, constitutionally, personally, and spiritually prepared.

Not the least of her strengths was the humble knowledge that she was young and that the task before her was formidably great. She trusted her training and the wise and faithful counselors her father had left behind, and she made her way up the aisle, a four minute walk made longer in procession, toward a very real altar of duty and sacrifice.

We are young, even if our age does not suggest it, in the practice of monasticism and monarchical duty. Perhaps we have not reigned over much and perhaps we’ve not even gained mastery over our own souls, but we are still alive, and the altar is still before us, our training will not fail us, and we are yet crowned with lovingkindness and compassion.

Elizabeth wore the George IV diadem into Abbey, and there she was crowned with St. Edwards’ crown, which was replaced with the splendid Imperial State Crown. We too are crowned, and will be crowned, and we will be given crowns to place at the feet of the King of kings, and so we step into the aisle and into the privileges of worship, prayer, and obedience of this royal life.

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