Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27 – ROYAL!

In Cor Unum Abbey today, and for the weeks ahead, we are making true what is real; we are putting into practice those things that have long awaited our faith and an honest, fitting, grateful response.

Was it for nothing that the Lord told us in the book of Revelation that we have been made kings and priests unto God? Some translations say “a kingdom of priests.” WAIT until we see the rudiments of Elizabeth II’s coronation. She was becoming more a priest over her people than a monarch!

But, look! Romans 5:17 tells us we are meant to “reign in life;” that is monarchy. For us, monastic monarchy! We know that if we suffer with our Lord, we shall also reign with Him (2 Timothy 2:12.) We know from Revelation 20:6 and 22:5 that we are destined to reign forever with and through our Lord Jesus Christ. When does our training begin?

In the history of the panoply of kings and queens, those best were those that anticipated the day when they would themselves be crowned, and while they waited, they served faithfully, grew to love their subjects deeply, and knew before hand what it would be to bear the burden of sovereignty.

We may never rule over anything but our children and our dogs, and who among us would not rejoice to fulfill those rightful duties with honor and success, but here in Cor Unum we know that we are called to have sovereign jurisdiction over our souls. Will our Father call us down for presuming to keep guard over our hearts and our minds and our mouths, even unto wearing the crown of righteousness and bearing a scepter of self control? Let us see what an ancient monarchical ceremony can teach us.

Diadems in place this morning? Are we crowned with the lovingkindness and compassion that we have received? Oh!, let us bear the majesty of our Lord God and Father, King of Creation, Lord of All, whose people and children we are, a chosen generation, a ROYAL priesthood! Here in Cor Unum, we speak not of a bejeweled emblem on a bumper sticker or a t-shirt, but of a real crowning, the certainty on our heads and the assurance in our hearts of our Father’s majesty.

Queen Victoria'a "Small Crown"

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