Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15 - What We Have Learned in the Abbey

Before we avail ourselves of the most noble privilege of joining this hermetical “Sister” in her most extraordinary cloister, let us be sure of what we have learned in Regina Laudis Abbey.

First, we are here by choice. We are loved inside and loved outside, but we enter for love’s sake, and we stay for love’s sake. We know that our gracious and saving Lord is with us while we watch television or go to the movies, but we cannot be with HIM in the monastic sense if we will not forsake lesser things for the opportunity to present ourselves before Him in worship and prayer. In short, He has promised never to leave us or forsake us, and He has also enjoined us to present ourselves at His place of residence, at the throne of grace, and to take our rightful place at His right hand.

We consider each day a service of worship; we find and make time to worship Him, perhaps only a few minutes at first, and we learn to expand our worship as we read our Bibles devotionally, worshipfully, and prayerfully. We quiet our souls in His Presence, and we set our gaze and our hearts upon Him and Him alone. We do the things that daily activity, no matter how noble, cannot afford us.

There is so much more to see and to learn, and there is so much to encourage us to make our lives a pageant of worship and prayer and hearing and obeying. We will sing to Him as He sings over us, even if we must croak on earth and warble in our hearts. We will learn to love His ways and to hear His Voice and to obey in fullness of faith and hope. Before too long, both our work and our leisure will be infused with goodness and purpose and joy, and even when we are cast down, we will not be ruined for we will find contentment in all that He sends to us. For one more day, we will look to see where we stand, and then we shall enter majesty!

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