Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30 – Code Name

A Cor Unum quote: “We discover those hours that we cannot control, and we seize those we may.”

We all have hours in every day that make just demands upon our time and our lives. It is a good thing to understand and appreciate this, and especially to see that the mother of six who manages to spend an hour in the early morning with the Lord might be giving her all, where others give out of their excess!

The true loveliness of this Abbey is that here we all learn to give what we can, to find ways to enhance the time we have been given, to gladly substitute devotion for distraction without failing to enjoy the delights God sends our way.

In Cor Unum we begin to see that three minutes of worship are powerfully able to do two things. First, they may often become five or ten minutes or even more, without capsizing the household ship, and secondly, that those minutes begin to feed us and to quench our life’s thirst in ways that whatever we were doing with those minutes, never could.

THIS is the first, best discovery . . . that it is possible to STOP.

It must be rather like discovering a new star or a planet, or that you own an island on the Cote d’Azur!

It is possible to STOP . . . to halt life in order to actually appear before the throne of grace. . . WHERE GOD IS!!! That is as true as it is incredible, and it is as powerful as it is possible. Is it any wonder that there might be dozens and hundreds of intricacies in place to keep us away, if, in fact, there are powers and principalities in place to contend with the saints? Ephesians, chapter six, says there are. Another discovery!

When we STOP even for three minutes, we prove that “they” cannot own our time. We also demonstrate that we believe they are there. “They” would rather we didn’t. Cor Unum has become the code name for “Command Central, Spiritual Regions!”, as we shall discover together, here in the monastery of the heart.

"CCSR . . . Command Central, Spiritual Regions"
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