Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 11 - Our Cor Unum Motto

Some of us still favor this one . . . “Why Should Nuns Have All the Fun?”

Whenever we pick up a “nun book,” any account of life in monastic cloister (that means enclosure for life after final vows,) we are struck by the jolly good time those ladies are having! Several dozen women who know they will spend the rest of their lives together, managing to get along despite the endless days of strict diet, harsh regime, interrupted sleep, and NO SHOPPING! . . . how do they end up so merry?

The life is severe and difficult in many ways, of course, and as we have mentioned, they will tell us that it isn’t what they THINK will trouble them that most often does. (That might be a clue to reasons why our devotion flags at times!)

They also say that it isn’t what they THINK they are coming for that makes them stay. (Keeping pace with our own blossoming devotional habits will keep us as well. There is such great keeping power in God’s Word and in the Presence of His Son.)

What would make us STAY in that place of consistent, fervent, effectual, worshipful devotion?

We always want to observe both aspects of devotion: first, the daily practice of study and prayer, of worship and warfare, of presenting ourselves before the Throne of Grace, there to receive grace for ourselves and others as we pray. Then, there is that devoted lifestyle that has learned never to leave the Lord’s Presence for any lesser thing . . . we seek that devoted lifestyle where neither fear nor fun, where neither work nor worry can distract us from the living, friendly, majestic, and life-giving nearness of God and fellowship with His Spirit.

"Pleterje" Monastery
by permission

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