Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31 – The Two Shall Become One

We are investigating the dual purpose of monasticism, the calling that attracts and holds the cloistered man or woman.

Purpose and privilege. Purpose without privilege can be presumptive; privilege without purpose can be pilfering. We in Cor Unum strive to weave these two together, as do monastics all over the world. Our privilege is unspeakably high; as we said yesterday, we are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus our Lord. Thus, our purpose must be just as exalted, that we might bear His image on the earth and do even those “greater works” that He left us to do.

The great men and women of earth have been able to marry these two realities; Martin Luther did, and so did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. George Washington did; Abraham Lincoln did; the ten Boom family did; Florence Nightingale did.

The monastic considers enclosure to be a great privilege, not something suited for everyone, but just right for her. The privilege of dwelling alone, forever, away from every avoidable distraction, with like-minded men or women, is merged with the lofty intent that worship and intercession should ascend continually, daily, always out of their fellowship.

Can we not lay claim to such a vision? It may not be as easily implemented, but our desire to dwell in Christ, worshipers of the Father, praying without ceasing, is what brought us to this place, this “cloister” of the heart.

Now, both Martin Luthers, both Presidents, and all the ten Booms and Miss Nightingale, had to so order their lives and their days that their privilege would support and accomplish a measurable purpose.

So we look to our purpose here, and we make those small “conversatio” changes and take those small steps in a right direction. Keep to the path! Command your day, and if you absolutely may not, command your soul anyway in the midst of the day you have been given. Give thanks! Worship in the sanctuary of your soul! Cry out, even if silently! Eat and drink, rest and work so as to be fit for the privilege and purpose that is yours. Make Cor Unum the place where privilege and purpose meet to enjoy the Presence and Perfections of Jesus Christ in us, our beloved Hope of Glory.

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