Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19 – Wall Street Monks

Did you think we would let the fellas off the monastic hook? Certainly not . . . that would be to love them less.

For the working man or woman, it is imperative that the job never become a nose ring, leading the monastic into the marketplace like a great behemoth of a bull led to slaughter behind a child, for the child holds the rope! Never to possess one’s own day is demoralizing at best and dangerous in its effect.

Believers, Christians in all walks of life, in every nation, those with hearts toward God and a love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, have surrendered their most cherished possession: the day that the Lord hath made and given them to enjoy.

Today, the doors of Cor Unum Abbey are open wide. Come in, come in! Come in and seize the day! The Abbess greets you with the Carmelite greeting: “Passio Christi, conforta me!” Passion of Christ, comfort me! How wise, how wise, that those at the door understand: comforts will be left behind, but in order that peace and security and the very God of all comfort may be found.

Has a man ever lived who, at some time or another, did not have a desperate need for friendship with God, that his requests would be heard and his needs met by a Friend, One Who sticks closer than a brother, One Who heals the sick and delivers the oppressed and raises the dead, one Who can find tax money in the mouth of a fish? The Wall Street monk knows that it would be too shameful a thing to need that Friend and never to have sought – or even permitted – His friendship, never to have called His name when He was near.

The Wall Street monk knows that this friendship is needed every desperate day, even when life is good and everything’s coming up roses and daffodils and when there is someone lovely and spectacularly enjoyable to whom they may be given . . . this friendship proves the desperation of life without such a Friend, on the best of days.

“I need a little relaxation.” “I need to unwind.” “I’ve been on point all day.” The wise man doesn’t negate these claims, but rather validates them by making sure he receives the true rest and recharging that he truly needs, and the Wall Street monk knows that He, the Lord, is our Peace. The monastic man is the abbot of his own soul, for Jesus’ sake, here in Cor Unum, the monastery of the heart.

"Speak Friend and Enter"
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