Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 16 – How and Why

There is one more important “why” to investigate, the “why” of our sometimes prayerlessness.

Along with our false idea of relaxation and our prideful tendencies toward Godless busy-ness, there is this:

“Everything’s going well; we’re all just fine.”

Let rejoice to be able to say that . . . when those we love are formed in Jesus Christ!

Paul revealed to us that he labored, in travail, as a woman giving birth, until the fledgling churches under his watch care were formed in Jesus. “Doing fine” is not a product of a sound bank statement or children making good grades, or nobody has the flu, although those blessings evoke our gratitude, and always will.

“Doing fine” in this Kingdom indicates that when reviled, we revile not again; that when someone takes our cloak, we offer our tunic as well. Here, women are enjoying their husbands and men are honoring their wives, deep down, in truth, in hiddenness.

Oh dear! Just when we thought everything was fine!

In this Cor Unum, “fine” means that those we love are walking with the Lord, that we know persecution will only refine their love and result in an increase of prayer, that the persecutors may themselves come into life.

We dare not excuse devotion because our delight is in living a life of ease and catering to the “undisturbed” quality of peace. Jesus did not come to bring peace, but a sword, that we might confront our enemies, pursue them, beat them small as the dust, and enjoy the peace that comes of valor, all the while.

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