Saturday, February 5, 2011

February 5 – So, Then . . .

. . . the question this morning is not, “Did you read your Bible yesterday? Did you pray?” but rather it is, “Did the Lord have opportunity to enjoy your nearness yesterday?”

Did we let Him hear our voices, for He so loves the sound?

Did we bring our faces before Him, for He finds our countenance lovely?

Did we come before the throne of grace and the seat of mercy, because HE IS THERE, our merciful, gracious God, Who loved us to the sacrifice of His only Son?

This morning . . . did He hear our voices? Did we “order our prayers” to Him and “look up” to see Him Who watches for us, morning by morning? (Psalm 5:3. Did we by His abundant lovingkindness, enter His house and bow in reverence before Him (verse 7) . . . think, my precious friends, of the privilege this indicates? To be invited before the best of kings . . . the King of kings . . . to come into His Presence, and to come because of His great love and His gracious pleasure.

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