Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19, 2011 – Run to the Fight!

By all monastic accounts, it does not take long for the new postulant to know she has not stepped into a spiritual spa, but rather onto a battle front.

Perhaps more than any other weapon joy will see her through.

While her day might consist of many hours of worship and praise and thanksgiving and meditation, there will be ongoing prayer and intercession at regular intervals; sometimes there will be night watches and there are those whose needs are brought continually before the monastery.

The postulant begins to see that those who pray most fervently are often those who smile most readily; this is not strange, for those who believe will pray, and those who pray will be heard, and those who know they are heard on high have the joy of the Father’s heart.

Let us in Cor Unum take our places with those most seasoned nuns who will not be denied. They have asked of the Father, their entire trust is in Him, and their joy is made complete in the obedience of His commandments, primarily that they should love one another.

Prayer is a very high demonstration of love; it affords no “pay back” but the joy of seeing another blessed by the power of God . . . and, of course, the joy of learning to know and share His heart for others.

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